Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What a rush!

It's been such a long time since I last shopped for clothes - my clothes. As far as I can remember it was January. Anyway, yesterday 4 keping melayang. Ataupun yang lebih tepat lagi adalah plastik keras telah diswipekan dengan sewenang-wenangnye....grrr!

I have been under this strict program "Ke arah balance sifar!" or at least "Ke arah balance kurang daripada 1000!"... So far I was excelling and moving fast towards the goal but yesterday was such a program ruiner. I couldn't stand looking at those pretty pretty bags ok. Tergoda.

Actually the purpose I went to the mall was to buy stuff for my brothers - their baju raya (don't be surprised - it's been a habit in the family to get everything done early and avoid the crowd later) and a gift for Mueh for getting 4.0 CGPA recently (my brothers are all brighter than I am, whom I'm so proud of). The sales signs were everywhere I couldn't leave without snatching a thing or two for myself. In the end I got three....heheheh.... I had item number 4 in mind but my mind told me to stop. A little bit of control would do me good in the long run right.

I loved what I felt walking through the mall. You know in a way I'm thankful Adda is not my roommate anymore hahahah or she would have morphed me into this psychotic shopper. Tambah2 lagi now that she owns that plastik keras too... ;P


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