Monday, June 2, 2008

Of punch cards

You know what would definitely take off the burden having to come to work at certain time everyday? Take it away and let us the hardworking employees be happy. Truly, we're less stressed out if we don't have to be on time (to put it literally). I remember my time before in SYABAS where every damn morning I have to worry if I was going to be late that day. Then I moved on to a small IT setup and guess what, even though I abused the non-existent of punch card system sometimes, I still could complete my work on time. Hey abusing to me doesn't mean being late 2 hours - that's the CEO's job.

Maybe this is different to anyone else but for me, having to constantly be reminded of work when I wake up every morning, and worrying about it is not going to start off my day well. And throughout your journey to work, if you know you're going to be late, you're going to feel your feet heavy on the gas pedal... and kutip saman along the way possibly.

You think if I wake up early, all this trouble will go away? That's where you're wrong my friend - I still have to make sure I make it to work on time. I think too much sometimes so blame my genes for that. Suffice to say, the mere existence of a punch card system is a nightmare and it would take me a serious amount of time to adapt. So far I think my record shows I was late 3 or 4 times, usually because I travel from Klang sometimes. Urrghhh... talking about this is depressing so I won't talk about it no more. That's it bebeh I'm not going to ruin my day further... :p

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