Friday, June 20, 2008

What happens to facebook account?

My vampiric existence was no longer a primary focus in life. I had been abandoning my future career as a fanatic facebooker for more than a month already. That's a looooooong time my facebook friends had not been assaulted/harrassed/annoyed/flirted with/fought. I'm going to embark another journey soon, resurrecting whatever is dead and stalled. I'm going to start spamming friends with hundreds of baskets/eggs/snowballs/pokes/you name it I'll do it muahahahahahhaha!

Anyway, feeling like going to the malls again. Not for buying stuff, only to see what's going on in that world again. I haven't been in touch and that's just so not kind you know. I've also been looking for that big big mug but to no avail. So it seems for future mug-owners, this is such a bad news. Buy a bowl and attach the ear at the side ok tak? You get the same effect... hehe... in jest, in jest.

Feeling like shopping for groceries. I like taking stuff and throw them in the trolley. Get home and cook... yum yum.. thinking all the food I want to cook. I'm kinda hungry lah at the moment. Chicken and mushrooms in oyster sauce. Blackpepper shripms. Fuh! Ok pop that cloud now.

And also I feel like buying books. Such a long time since I opened a book before bedtime and read. Stupid work I must say kept messing with my mind, couldn't have deep baby sleep these days. I want to reread all Harry Potter's. It's dangerous if I walk in to any bookstores now, so I resolute to reread existing old books. That should do it right? As to not making empty promises (lalala...) let's see if I can fit the books somewhere before sleep. Hmm... *deep in thought*

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