Sunday, June 8, 2008

Minyak naik harga!

I'm a bit late in blogging about this (I'm sure every other malaysia blog blogs about it, in one way or another), so not missing out on the fun, here goes.

In reaction to the topic , in two words - so what?

In much longer elaborated one, do you expect the price would stay the same forever? Please don't get me wrong, regardless of tanggungan we all have, I feel the burden just as the same as you do. I clinched at the thought of having to fork out that extra 41% every month. I, too, worried about which expenses I have to cut from now on. I also started wondering about alternatives of transportation means that ended up with me imagining things like having elf-like powers. So, for me, on the spot reaction is like what the hell. But right after calming down, I came to this conclusion - you can never get everything you want. Accept that and you'll be happy.

So like I said, we can't expect everything to stay the same way forever. They change over time. We get old, car engines get cranky, the white paint on the walls now yellow, favourite jeans won't fit anymore, you get the idea. That's why your parents aks you to save, or plan ahead. Not just planning ahead with current lifestyle in mind but also for those unexpected rainy days. You'll never know what life can throw at you sometimes. Today you're healthy, tomorrow (god forbid na'uzubillah) you find out you have brain tumor. Or, today you're happy, tomorrow your husband you depend on all this while is taken from you. Or, today it's RM1.92, tomorrow it's RM2.70. What are you going to do then?

People has been complaining but guess what. It's not about how much you complaint, but it's about how you work you way around it.

I'm not denying your right to speak up your mind. But how far will it take you? You are angry but still you have to pay. At the end of the day, you're still miserable. Why choose to be in such stress? Calm down.

Yes we didn't put ourselves in this situation, the government did. We have no choice but have to pay. Exactly my point there. We have no control over it, why put so much thought on it? Channel that energy at helping your kids to succeed at school, or make your wives happy, or work hard so you get that bonus, isn't that much more rewarding?

Let the top government people decide what's best for us, we're the ones who put them there anyway. It's not easy to be a leader you know. In Islam, being a leader means one foot in hell, another one in heaven. So it's easy to fall to either one. If they did us wrong, they would have the consequences. Quran and sunnah say so - why worry?

Ok so I'm going to stop here before everyone else thinks I don't have problems with high petrol price. I pay with a very heavy heart. But now I don't think much about it anymore. I have better things to do to occupy my time like playing games and finding new recipes these days.....

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