Friday, June 8, 2007

stupid writer's block

Granted that I'm not a writer.

Still I couldn't bring myself to blog. Lot's of stuff happening but I always put other things first. Anyway, this is just a boring filler. Signs that I'm still here breathing.

Speaking of signs, I always received emails telling stories of signs of your death. I mean tell tale signs 100 days before you die. Seriously nobody knows when we're going to die except for the Great Almighty. Quran says so. If given the choice would you take some anonymous words before Quran? Which one would you rather believe? And then there's this estimations when Qiamat gonna come. Nobody knows lah. It is just a calculations that certainly is questionable at best. For all that I know it can happen tomorrow. Tonight is also possible. Isk. Insaf jap.

This shows how we need more well bred ulama who can evolve with time, yet stays true to Islam teachings.

It's not my place to say these things. I'm only voicing my stand on this issue.

You know those emails are good for reminders. It's up to the reader to think it through. Sometimes I worry because believing in signs like that can bring you to syirik. Na'uzubillah.

It's my habit to share whatever interesting emails with friends and colleagues (sorry for invading your inbox with vids and all - haha!). But for those kind of emails, as for me, they are going to stay in my inbox and not going anywhere else.

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