Friday, June 22, 2007

Hujan di malam hari

Last night was fun.

I was doing some work right from sitting inside of my car, on the driver seat. With the engine still on, with the cd player blasting god knows how loud. And I was right on the road, on the right lane. Why?

Last night some tree decided to fall down and block the road totally and make it impossible to get across. So I was right there 2 cars behind the fallen big tree and surprisingly I wasn't that grumpy. Maybe because I believe there's some other banjir victims somewhere cursing everyone and everything why the hell no one is there to help move their things out of the house etc. So I was there safe and sound, only a little late for dinner. But other than that, I'm fine baby.

1 hour didn't go away unconsumed that easily. I got work to finish. So switch on the laptop and get on with it I did.

While at that, I enjoyed glancing a moment or two at the mamat2 bomba bekerja keras memotong pokok tersebut. I got nothing better to do right. The traffic from the opposite direction was really bad too. Typical malaysians la tuh. Everybody wants to slow down to take a peek, so it would become their next big news to brag about. So it became one big mess traffic jam. But what did I care, I was comfortable in my car. As soon as they finished whatever they were doing to the tree, I'd be out of there.

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