Monday, June 25, 2007

My Retail Theraphy

I've got new favorite store: Naf Naf. I just love the tee's and the blouses there. I love that place, especially if it's sales season, like yesterday. Thank god I went out yesterday. So I got meself a new pretty little blouse and a yellow tee. I got both at 60% and 40% off the original price. Well that's alot considering I don't do expensive stuff that much especially in wardrobe. Maybe that's going to change from now on. Not that I'll splurge and splurge like a mad woman, just... you know, sometimes it feels good to spend on something really nice.

I got a pair of jeans too. Yay!!! Fits me verryyyy nicely and I like the very much ok. I'm so happy I got new clothes hahahaha.

Off topic, I'm so amazed at the dilligence of private colleges of admitting star students. Offer letters keeps on coming and coming for Ammar, complete with scholarship packages... We don't have any idea where they get the address but even if they have spies somewhere shouldn't they know already which student not a good prospect anymore aka they have accepted offer somewhere else. These colleges just don't give up and they have so many ways of attracting the youngins. The first one arrived was from one of top design college which has a branch somewhere in London. Yes they offered scholarship also in the form of 50% discount of study fees. But still looking at the other 50% we have to pay is such a staggering amount we started to feel they're putting a scam on us. Anak datok bolehla. Anak orang-orang miskin like my family, alahaiii.... Tengok alamat rumah pun kawasan kampung, where got money to pay that much la mister....

* sigh * World today.

I applaud this: Jangan cepat melompat (coz I received the forwarded email as well)

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