Friday, June 29, 2007


I read this month's Mastika copy last night(or is it July's already?) and guess what. I can't help feeling so stupid over their hot issue this time: violence against women. I have nothing against the topic, certainly not againts any violence, especially if it involves women.


This particular copy pisses me off. Not the magazine but at the people they interviewed.

I know that they've been covering issues like rape, domestic violence, murder, etc you get the idea lah. This one I read focuses on prostitutes. They were doing an interview on this one (not so young) lady who claims she can't do anything better so she resolves to selling herself on the street.

I was astounded at the way she put the words together. I found out that there's actually an industri pelacuran negara. And there's such things as melacur diri dengan ikhlas. She just don't understand why people keep going to the younger ones who don't offer services as excellent as she does. And these young chicks are serioulsy damaging the industry. I mean, wtf? She seriously got loose nuts inside her head somewhere.

I'm sorry. Am emotional now over this stupid, immature, unconceivable thing.

p/s: oh my god my inbox is full with forwarded stuff.... i haven't been able to forward them back... so get ready my fellow online-ly available acquaintance... i'll spam you like there's no tomorrow....

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