Sunday, September 17, 2006


Well what do you know, I did go to the dinner sort of thing. And had fun. Thanks Adda for dragging me along. And Siti for the threat.


Came home and stayed up till 3am, finishing up work and dvd watching. Came to the office the next morning all grumpy and aghast-stricken. One thing that's pretty major that I haven't talked about is the dreadful Hajah. For me, Sakiinah sounds so calm and breathtaking coz that what it means in arabic right. On the (such sad sad) contrary, it is with so much pain and regret that I have to say this: it doesn't work if you pair it up with a catty female human being.


One thing good I got out of this place is my new purse! Did not give much thought when I was picking at the store recently, just wanted something nice to hold and practical. At first I thought it was ott with the beads and embroidery since I'm going to take it everywhere I go right. It was glittery lah, suits me fine if I'm going to some function. But I took it anyway, the red one.


But now I'm starting to liking it alot.

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