Friday, September 1, 2006


By this time next week, I'll probably be in Brunei. What a boring place to be I think. Nevertheless for someone who's never been out of the country then maybe it'll mean something. I'll miss mom's cooking terribly. And I mean it.

Ganee says I have to be there at least for a month. If we can finish things up earlier then I can come back earlier. But I doubt it very much. I sense something is wrong there. We already got a person there but for some reason they're sending me over for I'm not sure what yet. They keep on insisting to give some assistance. I wonder how much of an assistance I can offer with my limited knowledge of the project.

Speaking of project, Ganee is very happy with one of mine here together with Jess. Yea it has been such a happy week for me. He's happy that one potential client is interested in the product we developed. I have to belanja Jess some time soon since she's a great colleague! Since I'm going to Brunei, so Jess might take over the thing and customize it further for the client.

You know, so many good things has happened to me lately I should be warned of something bad. Brunei might be it but I'm hoping it's not. You can't be on top forever right. There'll be times when you just fall and fall and feel like nothing can ever make it right again. But just when you're at your lowest point in your life, something or somebody suddenly turns up and that changes everything.

I just hope that when I fall again, my family and friends would be there to support me all the way. That's all I'm asking. The rest, I know I'm blessed with everything I have so no complaint there.

Let's see, what will I miss the most: nasi ayam mak, laksa penang, asam pedas mak, bihun goreng mak, kuey teow goreng mak, kari ketam mak, nasi lemak mak, kari daging mak,...... aiyak! Sume jenis makanan yang ada perkataan 'mak' di belakang la senang citer.... hahaha.... Oh yea, where got teh tarik and roti canai over there ah... isk isk isk....

So long people. Next time I blog, it'll probably be while waiting for the plane to arrive/depart or in some Brunei apartment OR maybe they cancel it and I'll still be here and I wont be missing good food that much.

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