Tuesday, September 5, 2006


Ok now I'm officially blogging from Brunei.

Touched down yesterday at Brunei International Airport. Slept the whole time inside the plane. Ngantuk aaaa... packing sampai kul 3 pagi. Last minute nyer packing besa la. Sedar-sedar dah sampai...

I'm staying at an apartment SKALI is renting. Spacious, tapi tak terjaga. Habuk sana habuk sini. Empty fridge. Carpet tak penah vacuum kot....hehehe... but I shouldn't say much since it's going to be my sanctuary for a month. Right now only 3 people is living there, including me. Quite a nice place to live I must say. Peaceful surrounding, away from the city. Transport la ada masalah sket. But I think they're renting cars, but I don't know that yet.

So today not much to do. Only that browsing around and a few things to get a grip on. Other than that, I'm so worried about food. The people I'm living with don't believe in supper or late dinner like I do....heheheheh... Like semalam, lepas makan around 7, terus Abg Faka hantar Adda and me ke rumah. Lepas unpack, around 10 dah start rasa lapar balik. Aiyak! Camana tu? This morning ada pening2 lagi. Don't know why la. It's not supposed to be like that right. Bukannyer tido lambat ke ape ke semalam. I think it's normal lah for people if you've just spent a day or two far away from home. I'm going to get used to it I know but the process is just troublesome.

More on this later lah.

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