Thursday, September 7, 2006


Kaki aku sakit wehh....

Tu la berjalan nyer pasal. Rasanya cam satu town kitorang pusing malam tu, on foot. Aku pening plak bila tengok banyak sangat building yang langsung tak familiar. Lepas satu, satu. Aku sebagai orang baru, ikut je la diorang gi mana. Pastu tak pasal2 kaki aku terpeleot time lintas jalan. Tension aku wehh... tapi takpe la. Sib baik dapat orang cam Adda + Kak Wati sebagai colleagues and penunjuk cara... heh! It's so much easier having them at my disposal. Cewah cakap macam la diorang tu orang suruhan when it's actually the opposite. No, truly, these are god given gifts and their kindness will not perish in a far away forgotten land. Cewah.

I'm sooooooo thankful I'm not one of those unfortunate Skali employees ok. Where should I begin. What should I say. Only a week here and I've heard and seen alot of things. Looking at the product they've developed, oh my goodness. All I can say is, that is a product from bad management. I'm telling you it's BAD, horrendous, horrific, out of this world punya kind BAD lah. Bad resource management. Bad technical design. I heard some of the previously posted here employees just had bad attitude, but the blame always falls on the PM lah, no question about it kan. It's just bad people management. Development process with no qa & qc involved. It's simply a very bad project management. I don't have any other word but 'bad' right now but excuse me for feeling so unbelievably impossible.

Aku mula la nak ngutuk Skali ni tapi tak baik la pulak kan. I mean not everyone in the company is useless. And it's very easy for me to critisize, I understand that getting everything back together again is a near impossible task within the time frame given. The client itself is giving such trouble everyone in the team hates her. Well, for me, you don't have to like someone to work with them. Just finish your work and always take that extra mile so you know you've given your best shot, regardless what is the outcome. Finish up your task at hand and add something extra for people after to remember you by - how good you were. Ini tak.

Previous developers simply buat keje ikut sedap, design ikut suka, UI yang ala-ala express nak kejar ape pon tak tau la. Every module had different developer. So when they all left, we got various paintings to mess up with. Kalau cantik + ikut prosedur takpe gak. We can just arrange them to be one big picture. Ini satu buat camtu, yang ni buat camni. Nak repair pon payah. Ape nak jadik pon tak tau. Layan dvd lagi bagus aaaa.... Oh by the way, sini dvd satu B$1 je. Muahahahahahahah berhantu la umah ni ngan dvd....

Can't blame all on the developers really. The thing is there was no one monitoring their work. No synchronization, no consistency between the modules. Hape punye teori, hape punye method ntah diorang pakai for this big project.

It's gonna be tough here. Ok inilah luahan hati seorang developer di tanah Borneo akibat ketidakstabilan pengurusan syarikat. Doesn't mean I'm just going to give up. Only that I'm a woman. I need to talk about things. So there you go. Like you don't know already. By the way, I don't talk about what I write in my blog in real life. Not if nobody's asking... ;) What's here stays here usually.

Ok la. Back to work.

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