Thursday, July 6, 2006


I'm counting the days.

It's so unnerving. I have no idea what the boss and the colleagues will be like. I don't think the people here is going to approve my leave application. Isk! I find them to be more pushing as I'm nearing the last day here. I'm so worried if I don't have enough time to prepare myself for the new job. They sure won't let me go easy here. I've been asked to build 2 new modules, produce reports and complete the documentation. Do you think another week is enough to do all that? Documentation only will take more than 1 week. I had planned to document it all but I'm told that the priority is the modules and reports. Riiiight... If there is no documentation then how in the world the new staff coming in will take over the system? No one else know the system procedures and flows as well as I do.

Yesterday, I was asked to redo the flowcharts - one of the most important thing. Thank goodness that they've realized it now.

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