Monday, April 10, 2006


Ammar was here last weekend so I made hime pizza. Pizza is a gruesome 3 hours of action.








The dough.
The ingredients
(some of them).
The blank paper.
The coloured paper.
Cheese sprinkling.
Before and
after scenery.

On a much heartwarming note, Mueh made me breakfast before I went to work last Saturday. And he washed my car yesterday. How would you feel if you brother does that for you without you asking for it first? Not that I wanted to ask him to do anything. Seriously. I'm so lucky.

Usually mom would prepare the breakfast every morning for us and pack some for me to take to work. But my parents were not around so I didn't really mind not having breakfast that day. But there it was on the table that morning, some food for my early digestion.

I had planned to wash the car last weekend since the last time it had taken its bath was like a month ago...hehe.... yeah that's one big downside of having a car. You have to constantly wash it. But who was to know, PMS hit me right in the middle of pizza delivery. I couldn't stay standing up anymore after that. After it cool down a little bit, I walked out of the house and saw the car already shining. Of all the sisters in the world, I'm the luckiest of all.

I'm telling you people, that's love, written all over the place. He doesn't have to say it but I know my brother loves me.


See the books I've ordered have arrived. I'm taking the extra step here to advance myself. I don't want to be stuck with one technology all my life. Better do something about it and be happier.


Look at the flower closely. Doesn't it make you feel like there's a lighted candle inside?

p/s: The pics look peculiarly clearer and brighter and sharper this time don't you think? Yeap I got a cam last Fri. Sadly, as much as I would have wanted it, it's not black. It's BORING silver. Nevertheless, hopefully this one will not be stolen like the one before. Now my phone is purely my loyal mp3 player. Woohoo!

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