Thursday, April 20, 2006

10 new things

[1] New job?
Attended the interview but didn't make it. They changed their mind on hiring second developer so nobody got the offer. That's what I was told. If that's true then I was being played lah! Never mind. The right job is waiting for me somewhere. Maybe I already have it but don't know it yet. Hmmmm...

[2] New addiction?
Hoobastank. Right after John Mayer

for the past 2 months.

[3] New addition to album collection?
You can hardly call it a collection since I only have 2 or 3 of them...heheh... Yea I'm pretty choosy when it comes to buying a full album. The latest one is The Essential Kenny G.

[3] New app development thingy interest?
Servlets & JSP (does anyone know how to make JBoss work with PHP???).

[4] New crush?
Ken. Haha. Like I have new of these every now and then...

[5] New gadget?

[6] New profound admiration for someone?
Jaja - coz she simply rocks and is understanding and fearless. For someone who has been through so much, yea you rock on bebeh!

[7] New fear factor?
Not being able to have fun and catch a movie forever! I've missed so much. Been so busy and I've missed all the best movies and now have to save up to stock up on vcd's. Was in Penang and didn't even manage to get to BJ and do blackmarket transactions for this purpose.

[8] New picked-it-up-again routines?
Applying henna (tangan kiri jek + left toe). Stay back late in office.

[9] New vcd acquired?
March of the Penguins...

[10] New wardrobe/footwear/handbags/accessories?
None whatsoever. Sad isn't it?

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