Monday, November 14, 2005


Abah is one of the prominent figure in water industry in Selangor. Well probably he already was now, now that profits come first before manners and budi bicara. As someone who has contributed so much to the industry, please at least treat him with respect. Siapa yang tolong solve krisis air kat Selangor dulu? He got a medal for that, itu pon sebab org paksa dia terima. Then he got another medal for his contribution to the state. Abah was one of the people yang bentang paper kat Majlis Jurutera-jurutera Malaysia (or something of that nature, but all jurutera from all over the country attended that seminar), resulting in the termination of the paip asbestos yang digunakan sebelum tu. Abah did a research on that and proved paip jenis tu memang bahaya. Now tell me how many malay jurutera had done that?

Tu kampung2 kat Banting nun, dulu sumber air diorang kat perigi. Daripada takde air sampai ader paip salur terus kat rumah. Who was responsible for that?

He was the first malay engineer to be posted in Klang/Shah Alam, responsible for the whole area, dealing with all the samseng yang jenis tak reti bahasa. Tell me if you can handle 20 or more people, trampling into your office bypassing all procedures, just to throw tantrum and needed someone to throw it at to. All your staff could only watch from afar. Ye lah, samseng siap ngan parang. And that happened not once, but a few times. And abah handled it so well, settle abis problem down to the root.

He was offered a post as Timbalan Pengarah kat Perak but then Dato' Che Mat tak kasik abah kuar dari Selangor. Punyelah sayang and valuable abah to the state. Then he was offered again for the same post kat Pahang. Abah refused, nak berkhidmat kat Selangor.

And now SYABAS, this is how you treat him? You have a valuable asset at your disposal. Of course now he is not that valuable anymore to you isn't it? You want to terminate his service, fine. Do it with respect and dignity. You don't know my father, do not even for a second pretend you do. Shit man, you're distroying a man's reputation when he has not done anything wrong.

I was so shocked, one of my colleague here knew it all along. Just a couple of cubicle away. She didn't even has the guts and decency to tell me on what was going on. I don't blame her, she was probably in dilemma herself. On the other hand I AM FURIOUS with the HR department. What's wrong with sending a notification??

I cried my eyes out for over an hour in surau. Macam tu skali diorang treat abah. If it wasn't for work, I'd still be there. I have deadlines coming in 10 days.

Shit. To hell with work!

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