Tuesday, November 1, 2005

An honest and sincere apology

On my way back from Bukak Pose SMKAKS 2005 (last Saturday), an alien had expressed its interest on examining my car. They had just landed on a piece of helicopter pad not too far from my home. So I had to stop before they turned any meaner. They had some slime going on under their nose so that freaked me out. Well, I was already too spent, had already too many activities going on for that day. I had hoped to get back home early, settle some things, start reading new book, go to bed with a piece of mind, etc... but things happenedso there went my brilliant plan...

So I got held up and was a little pissed off. Reached home a little late than expected. The frog by the pool kept asking me to find his princess! Aiyak! Being a nice person that I was, I complied. Not after they turned to the alien for another near impossible task, I was released to get back to my car. But just when I put the key into the ignition....

The frog: Oih sini jap
Me: *blurred face* .... *sick and tired but walked towards them anyway*
The frog princess: Sorila... mintak tolong sket eh. Tolong anta umah boleh?
Me: Eh naik ufo lagi laju lah. Malas ah

The ufo suddenly flew away. Me feeling very unorganized and lost what was the alien real intention admiring my car.
Me: Oy!! *screaming towards its direction with the tensenest feeling ever* Aku tensen!

After a few weird moment with lots of kicking pebbles and whining (mostly done by me)....
Me: Mehla. Jangan kasik kete aku melekit sudah
The happy frog couple: *muka sememeh* ...
Me: Jomlah! Aku nak balik cepat! *sick and tired even more*
The frog finally managed to say again: *cough cough* .... *muka sememeh lagi*

After a few bumpy roads and misleading sigboards... (Directions from the frogs didn't help either since they didn't even know what a map is)
The frog princess: OOooohhh what's this? *holding my digital camera*
Me: Put that damn thing down!
The frog princess: Hey alright.. alright... No harm done
The frog: What's wrong with you lah? *obviosly addressing me*
Me: *drives on*

Finally we arrived at their place (ehem... his place. I didn't care where the frog princess lived. I'd turned off my being nice mode since the ufo flew... hah!)

I got back home, checking my camera and guess what. It's melekit all over.

--The end--

Lost aren't you??

Well so was I. It's a lame blog entry I know. It's a risk you took visiting my blog so deal with it.... eheheheh.... I'm blogging for the first time ever from Penang. My grandma's has broadband installed can you believe it.

Actually what I'm trying to say is sori lah kengkawan. Gamba-gambar & interprem-interprem malam tuh ilang ler... Mencik! Arrghh!!! Alah, takpelah ekk. Buleh soh Natrah aplot dianyer gambar.

Sorry again you had to go through all that rubbish before getting the point.... ahahaha.... you lovely lovely people has definitely my dull day here. Mmmmuuaaaahhhhh!!!

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