Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Driving to work this morning is so unbelievably uncommonly fast. The road was clear. That would only happen on weekends and during school holidays. I don't understand the relationship between school holidays and traffic jams other than it creates wonders to the peak hour traffic. And because of that I love December!

Last night when I was driving home I listened to Will Smith's Just The Two Of Us and it has made me to download the song this morning. There's something about Will that strikes me, other than he reminds me of Otel.... Not to mention the song is great too. I think it's written from the heart. You can see how much he loves his kid. He's a great storyteller.

I like the fact that he's a family man for one. And the way he presents himself. He's one of those rappers and hip-hoppers but he wears pressed shirts and pants - or smartly dressed to put it in other words. He looks neat and clean to me.... =) He's cool. I love movies he stars in - he's funny. He has a good sense of style and charisma. Charming charming man.

Probably his wife dresses him up but I don't care. She's done a good job anyway.

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