Thursday, September 22, 2005

A Pantai Story

A collegue was admitted to hospital yesterday. Look at the time of the previous entry and that was the time when I found out Hedayah needs a medical attention. Well we thought she needs to head over to a clinic, the doctor would prescribe the magical combination of medicine and then she'll be fine. It turned out she had to be admitted.

So I spent most of my time yesterday with her and Nisa, looking after the necessary. Poor girl she's not used to being admitted. Well I thought I've done everything I can. Hopefully she'll recover soon. The doctor still doesn't know what's wrong with her and they'll have to do some investigation. To think of it, being Hedayah it'll probably scare the hell out of her. Thankfully her fiance is here to stay the nights. Here's wishing she'll get better soon and back at work with us soonest.

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