Wednesday, September 14, 2005


I've figured at certain age you'll be doing a lot of thinking of some sort. Of late, I for instance have been recollecting my memories since childhood. I keep on discovering new memory, the ones that have always been there but have been neglected of refused to upon retrieval.

I don't know what has triggered all this but it's been fun, especially the one I get from years ago. This of course helped by stories told by my mother.

Some bubbles from my late baby years (Seremban):

Celebrating birthdays with Mueh - we each had a homemade cake and presents. We both got our own pool... eheh... the plastic one where you have to pump in air in order to use it. It was small and fits well in the kitchen. We took our bath there like crazy for how many days onward I don't recall now. We had pictures....

Someone was taking pictures of my father on the couch with me on his lap. I couldn't sit still because of the nature of myself - I had been a shy girl, not really a camera star. I wasn't really sitting, I was standing in front of him trying to hold on to his shoulder. He was wearing baju melayu and kain pelekat. Me in my pj and my pigtail hair.

I was awoken and father said to take care of my brothers, lock the door and don't let anyone into the house. I remembered I had 2 little heads in my own little lap, sitting just by the door. I was fighting to stay awake. I don't know how long it took them to get back but when they do I was scared when someone was knocking the door. My brothers were already asleep so I slowly crept. Not when I recognized my father's soothing voice did I open the door. After that I went back to sleep in my room. Mom told me not so long ago that she was then very sick. My parents had to go to the clinics nearby and there was no one to look after us at that hour.

Mueh, Otel and I had a babysitter. When my parents went to work they left us off at her house. I remember we played a lot of games (except for Otel, he was asleep all the time in his cradle) with her children, particularly the ones involved jumping on the bed, hide and seek and making handprints along the wall.... hehe..... When it was time to prepare lunch, I would help cooking the rice. Just before mom & dad got home to pick us up, her husband would take the 2 of us on his bike and rode along the small road around the area. Wasn't much to see except a housing construction in progress.

I remember I had a set of pillows in yellow. Mom made it. Mueh had his in blue. Otel? Probably green. But it was halfway done. So he had to share the pillows with us instead. I was pretty possessive with mine.

Before moving in that house, we lived in another house somewhere in Negeri Sembilan too. It was a terrace house with a narrow hall made up of dining area and the kitchen. I had a babysitter then who made delicious bubur cha cha.... or was it mom???

I have plenty more but they are all cluttered up inside my head. Until next time.

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