Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Finepix E510

Finally I got one of those.

Yesterday I went to The Summit Hotel for Sun Developer Day 2005. It was ok, the food was MAAAARVELLOUS. Thank you sponsors you did feed us well. Mewah beb. Nearing the end of the day then an interesting demo was on the schedule. Alas we couldn't stay thinking of the possible annoying traffic heading back to KL. We got out at 4 and I dropped Husna and went back to Shah Alam. Alang-alang tu terlajak pulak ker Bukit Raja...

While I was there, I got myself a cute shirt and mom hers - I think I've picked the wrong size lah for her.. aiyak! I'll make it up next time lah.

Then I was thinking of doing some surveys while walking along QS City but the deal really caught my eyes. So there, that's how I got it. Beaaaaautiful thing. The perks which really excites me is that, apart from the preset shooting modes, I can set manually the focus and aperture and the shutter speed. Presets are really boring if you ask me. Where's the fun in that? Point and shoot doesn't do it all for me.

It was over my budget but what the heck. Not like I don't have backups.... Been doing research for a long time and couldn't hold it any longer.

Somehow someway I like Fuji cameras I'm not sure why. Maybe because it's Japan made?

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