Monday, February 28, 2005


Finally we had some rain going on during the weekend! It was beginning to get hazy here after a month of very hot and dry sun. Jerebu is bad for health.

And last night was the first night I get to sleep comfortably under my lovely duvet while it was raining outside. Otherwise I wouldn't even have my tee on... hahah... nah... the weather was so damn hot I couldn't have a shut eye properly. Even the bed felt like burning or something. I was constantly awaken by the temperature. Last night was like 'thank you God!'

Went to Shella & Pujan's wedding yesterday. The nasik was brilliant - kenyang. Too bad I didn't go for second round, was hungry again on my way back home. MKA siap estimate lagi blanje for the majlis down to numbers. I wonder how did he get to that point? heheh....

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