Saturday, February 12, 2005

New skin

Felt a sudden rush of giving my blog a new look. Spent 2 full days studying CSS and now it's up and running. The gift of CSS is truly exhilarating! There's no need for tables and makes it faster to change look anytime.

This is quite a simple skin. I just couldn't care less the flowery theme at the moment or elaborate graphics for that matter. I'm not sure about the color combinations either. Well it's what I felt right. It works for me though.

I'm putting some skins together to put in one place. There are some that haven't been done correctly, will see to that later. It has as similar template as this blog's only it's a page offering linkware blogskins. So cheers to my newly revamped webpage design:cawanpink, with a new address.

That's that. Tomorrow night there'll be a kenduri aqiqah for my cousin's daughter at Bukit Antarabangsa. My 2 brothers are going back to their places. It's soon to be dull around here again without them....

Quick quiz: What can make me smile instantly?
Answer: Thinking of my brothers' cheeky behaviour

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