Monday, February 21, 2005


Waaahhhh I couldn't believe myself what happened yesterday! I lost the parking ticket and was fined RM40. I put it in my sling bag and somehow it managed to get littered somewhere between KL Sentral and PWTC. It was horrible. There goes my budget for my mother's birthday present. Uwaaaaaaaaaaa!!

I think I'm not feeling so well today but I had to come to work anyway. Yesterday was a fun day for me minus the lost. Overall it was rewarding. I got to tutor my brother Add Maths (functions). I remember how difficult it was for me back in school. When I look back today, it was such such eaaaaasy topic lah.

Oh yes I got so interested in pursuing studies in Germany yesterday. Haven't really gone through the brouchers yet. I don't mind learning new languages. It's a privilege if I could talk in 3 or more of them! But of course not in the near future. Bawak diri sampai German nun.... isk isk....

Doing a master's has always been a dream. I'll grab the opportunity if there's one given that I'm available for it.

Made a good friend also yesterday. The only drawback is we can't be seen together much or else people will say there's a pakatan between us trying to run down the country. Whatever. ahahahah..... Surely that's not true (we were out for the fair). I know that some may stay away from my family for understandable reason. Hurtful but understandable. So I understand if people don't want anything to do with us. My circle of friends also has scaled down to few.

It's okay. Things happen. The only way is not to fight it but to make peace with it. I learn alot during the process (with lots and lots of help from abah). That's what makes you grow wiser I guess.

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