Friday, February 25, 2005


I heard yesterday they're going to change the hours to 9-5.30 on weekdays and 9-1 on alternate Saturdays. My first reaction was 'HOH?!!' I prefer coming at 8 so I could leave earlier at 4.45. Makes no difference at all since I'd be still coming out of the house an hour before the ofice starts. The traffic at 8am are surely not any less heavy than at 7am. If I ever want to claim any OT hours, I have to stay back till 7.30... urrghhhh!! Not really my cup of tea. 7 is considered late already for me.

And what's with the 9-1??? Really got me there. Saturdays would be my 'backup' day then. Only doing backup work e.g. backing up databases. Usually takes more than 2 hours. The rest 2? I'll do anything to fill up the time... eheh! Probably I'd find time to replace the paper that gets shuffled everytime here to its proper condition. That'd be good enough for 2 hours, don't you think? hehehehehe.... This is me when I'm not being productive.

Bottomline, no matter what orders they give, as an employee I have to follow.



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