Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Raya cookies


Made 3 types of cookies


for this festive season. Not that difficult, searched for recipes online and there I have it 3 big jars of cookies readily available for raya! eheh! I'll have to think of something else for another empty jar.

Cukup kot untuk org datang raya. Lagipon tak ramai datang agaknyer. My house is not a popular one since abah is not here. Kalau datang pon diorang tak makan sangat kuih muih nih. Kena hidang mende lain gak.

Those cookies are for Mueh and Otel to bring back to their places for raya parties (who knows), eating alone during revision, spare food when the wallets don't allow (for a short period of time), etc. Boys will be boys - they eat constantly (although I'd like to refer them as men now since they're both grown ups). Either way they live by good food - something my parents have to fork out every month (myself included)! They don't usually come cheap.... I'm gonna go crazy


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