Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Hello again

It's raya and it has done nothing to me but leaking my purse...

After a week of cuti raya I'm so grateful I took another 2 days off Monday & Teusday. I was on bed the whole day, getting out of my room only to go to the bathroom, the kitchen and the VCD's drawers where all the cd's are kept.

I should be planning the alumni's raya gathering now as I had not been able doing so during the week off work - left the contacts at home. Oh well, had been trying to call a few people but either I was too tired to talk or they were all unreachable! Fine I'd do it after I got home then. So here I am at work, still trying to prioritize things needed to be done accordingly. And it's already 10. I've done nothing but updating my bookshelf and checking heap of emails.

Blogging is done for now, going to check out updates on friends' blogs and then make some calls....

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