Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Taking a break from work

Visited Friendster just now. I'm just so amazed at the number of friends some people have. Memory lane visited as well. Couldn't help smiling reading everyone's testimonials on each other.

Ooh! Will be going out with a friend this evening. Will keep it casual and fun for both of us.

Managed to spend the entire morning in Kak Izan's room discussing GIS setup. The more I get to it and understand it, the more I find it interesting. Open GIS is not that common here in the Malaysia but I'd like it to be. Cuts down the cost and is effective at the same time. Wonder the GM would agree to the company's proposal that was presented yesterday?? Microsoft is already rich so why add up some more to their already full bank vaults?

Back to work. I'm out.

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