Monday, August 23, 2004

And again I wish it was Sunday I woke up to

Went to bed really late last night. Had to have this important conversation with a good friend. In short I only slept for 2 hours. I feel like my eyes are going to pop out already. Thought I'd be late for work but arrived just in time (it's a wonder). Very light traffic, truly I don't know how that happened.

Last Saturday night was a good night for me. My former classmate had a wedding and quite a number of former classmates turned up there. I hadn't seen those people like in 5 years, how different they were then. The bride for example looked georgous herself. Almost everyone couldn't believe their eyes when the pair walked into the hall. Some of the guys even talked about how regretful they were not realizing the beauty sooner and making effort to win her heart when they had the chance (haha!) - too late guys. The handsome doctor has snatched her first!

There were some good friends of mine there as well. Learned so much of their lives and what's-going-on. Most of them have just started working or are going to finish studies by the end of the year. Listened to a shocking confession as well from a very good friend on the way home. I believe everything happens for a reason. To this person, I believe your time will come and then you'll see everything will fall into places. Life is full of simple pleasure. I think someday your happiness will present itself at the time you least expected. You're such a wonderful person lah, life should treat you good! Best wishes.

I got back home at nearly 2am that night and mother was worried sick... heheh... didn't mean that to happen. I thought Ammar had told her I was still with friends. Oh well, things happen.

During the wedding also, there were questions like "Ko bila lagi?" and the like bombarded to each other. And everyone would say "Lama lagiiiii...". At this age, marriage's when's and who's (is that english?) come out quite often. And there were these certain people kept asking me whether I have a boyfriend of not. I'd simply say no but they wouldn't believe me. It's quite complicated. Technically I have a boyfriend but when it comes to feelings, I don't know where I stand. I don't feel wanted. I don't feel desired. I don't feel appreciated. I've been feeling like this since early of the year. The distance and busy work schedules really taking its toll on us.

I am tired. This is sad. Why didn't I tell him it's over?? Like I said - it's complicated. Don't ask.

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