Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Malas nak ke konvo

I'm supposed to be going to my convocation day but I'm abit reluctant. There's not much to celebrate anyway. I won't accept flowers on that day. This is depressing to talk about.

Had an alive meeting with GeoPlanning today...oh well. They had given us the wrong set of data! Like my boss said, we're running in a circle with no apparent destination. The destination is there but it's unreacheable at this point due to this careless mistake. That leaves me with no actual work to do ( buat keje nih). It's going to affect my very effeciency! cheeewaaaaaah! hmmm.... (Am I too focused on work?) Delay hurts. *sigh* (Did I just sigh because there'll be definitly less work???? Do I like the stress that comes with it???!? Am I normal?) Yeah well I love being busy, keeps my mind off miserable things.

I have a complicated life.

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