Saturday, August 14, 2004

It's Friday the 13th!!

It's my first actually realizing that it's THE day. I never thought about it but I came across a blog that mentioned it today. What an interesting post it was. I don't believe in those bad luck stuff. They're just coincidents, that's all.

Fantasia Barrino's I Believe played on air while I was driving home a few days ago. It was on a chart climbing fast. I love the song! I love the way she sings it. Pure talent she has.

Hmm.. I just noticed Kamal isn't around today. No wonder I feel so unbelievably comfortable at my desk! And I don't have to be aware of his whereabouts constantly..heheh.... He's a nuisance. Specially born to reduce my very work effeciency...just like the mad copy machine (hasn't been replaced, only repaired). Suka tarik kusi org ke blakang!!! Nyampah wehhhh...uwaaa!!!


Oh yes, changed the blog address yet again....*sigh* The same brother had a very keen focused alert pair of eyes yesterday. He returned to my desk about 5 and he managed to take a peek. hhhmmppphhhhfffff!!! Never mind all is well. No more peeking.

Red is the theme today. I feel red... heh! Never mind.

Am listening to Come What May - tragic love song, just because it's on Moulin Rouge. Is there really such powerful true love? I wonder... I have a boyfriend and he's a good person mind you. But I don't feel like he's a bf of mine.

I'm out.

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