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Imakatz Emerald Nymeria of Montel at 2 months
old exploring her new home
I have Nymeria with me for almost a month now. I've always wanted a (male!) British Shorthair as a pet but my place is not so suitable for a male cat for the time being so I just got Nymeria instead. She's such a joy and playful kitten.  She is 3 month old kitten now. I would tell you the color but we're actually not sure of the her color yet. She's got brown (OR cinnamon), red and white. She's a tortie, yes, but what kind of tortie we have yet to find out. We're going to wait a little bit longer until she's bigger when color pops out.

Originally I wanted a blue bi-color after seeing one back in 2010. I almost got a lilac bi-color last year (twice!) but fate has its own way of doing things. I got Nymeria right after I submitted my master's thesis. Adopting a kitten can take a toll on you if you're not ready. So the timing was perfect for me. And she's a beautiful kitten, going to be a healthy graceful beautiful cat.

A handsome blue bi-color British Shorthair by Pamela Lanigan

When I took her home from IMAKATZ breeder, she already has shown symptoms for ringworm. All her siblings got it. I was told that was how she got it too since ringworm is very infectious. So he fed her medicine for the ringworm. Before we left, we were given 30kg of Eureka dry food, some drops for her watery eyes and some liquid vitamin to be given daily.

The next day I found out Nymeria kept on sneezing so I brought her over the breeder's place again and this time was given some medicine for her sneezing and was given shots of antibiotics.
Nymeria is a very gentle kitten. She never refuses her medicine. She's very calm. Those supposed to be one of British Shorthair traits but I understand every cat is unique, as they have different personality. But I love her anyway. She's very amusing to watch! Now the ringworm on her face and ears are recovering. Her eyes are starting to turn to copper. She still on her medicine for sneezing. Sadly the ringworm has spread over to her other body area (base of tail, below her left arm and on her right shoulder). But it's not fatal, she'll grow bigger and stronger and it will heal over time so I'm not that worried.

Bibi and Lizzie

Zaliaf Lizzie of Montel - our brown tortie Maine Coon
Bibi - first cat, he's a household cat. We love him!
I have to mention Lizzie and Bibi since they are the reason why I love cats. I never liked cats since I was small. That had to do with me watching cats spraying anywhere in the house and their behaviour that seemed like they never listen! But then I started reading on cats behaviour and society, and then everything made sense. I understand more now how they behave like they do. And it has made me appreciate them more.

Bibi came to us when his mother gave birth to all his siblings in our garage space. Mak noticed the family first around our bamboo tree but didn't get them into the house. They lived outside of the house until they were about 3 or 4 months old. And because of that, they suffered alot of illnesses and so we brought them to see the vet. They were 3 of them but only Bibi survived. His left eye was punctured with something when he was very little. His left eye is permanently blind since then. He's such an active cat! But he's an indoor pet now.

We got Lizzie last year when she was 4 months old. She is such a gentle giant. Mains Coon falls under big cat category, just like British Shorthair. She was so playful as a kitten. She loves to play catch and run with Bibi. Now that she's an adult, she's abit more reserved and cautious. I think that's a Maine Coon trait. They are like the models on the runway.

Especially now that she has little kittens to take care of, she's abit more serious now. It turns out that Lizzie is such a good mother!

We love our cats

It's fun learning their character and different personalities. As I said before, each cat is unique. And because of that, we just love them all.  

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