Friday, August 24, 2012

Hameedeyah Restaurant

We were at Penang for this year's eid. We couldn't not go to this place. It's a must for everyone who visits Penang to go eat at this famous beriyani place. There's a branch in Seksyen 15 in Shah Alam but the food is not that good there. Different cook maybe? No SOP across branches?? Well we're not guessing anymore.

Some newer generations may think that Kayu or Subaidah or Kassim nasi kandar is the best mamak food ever. But of you ask your parents, uncles and auties, during the 70's or 80's... Hameedeyah on Campbell Street is the real thing! The murtabak is the THING.

It's up to everyone to judge which place has better food but for us no one can beat Hameedeyah!

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