Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Birthday treat (accidental)

Oh my god I can't believe I have just bought an expensive wristwatch for myself! I WAS looking to buy a new one since the old one kinda died on me. It had been 3, 4 months being watchless. I didn't even think of buying it as a personal birthday treat.

Fossil Women's Wallace Brown Leather Watch # ES3122
I liked the watch the first time I saw it but didn't actually looking to buy it. I kept on asking the girl (shop asisstant) to look for cheaper watches, below RM200 please. We didn't have much choice as I only wanted a watch with square dial, and with straps. In the end I had to choose between a Fossil and this watch.

Call it a mindless decision, or maybe I just had my birthday yesterday, I just said yes to Cerruti.

I just can't believe I bought an expensive watch! It better last a lifetime or else.


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