Monday, May 5, 2008

Stupid fever

Had it for 3 days and I had no clue how did I get it. It didn't make sense since I haven't been around sick people for days now. From experience, I can only catch fever if I threw up or had a bad sore throat. I'm not that easy to get sick but this year alone (up to April) I've already took 3 MC's. Is that weird or what.

And then yesterday I made late discovery about the sore throat I've been having since Friday. I must've had been reaaallly distracted by the fever that I didn't notice it earlier. Sore throats either comes with it or causes it right? But anyway, my body temperature was so high Saturday night, I was literally forced to take shower in wee hours of 3 or 4. Kraaazeee I'm telling you, I was shaking during the whole process. Ice cold and I had to go through it for full 5 minutes. What a torture.

But it did me good, the temperature went down a little.

Of all the sickness in the world, I really hate fever because it makes me weak. I could barely even move my hands, let alone stand or walk. If I was alone I couldn't care less what would happen to me. I would've just slept slept and slept and I wouldn't care if I had eaten or not. Thank god I'm ok now. Only abit worried since I still have the sore throat.

I wish I had more sleep. Today my eyes look like panda's. Thanks to the stupid fever.

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