Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Renew roadtax online

What? Can ah?

Of course la. I just made the payment - all you need is your e-covernote number and you're on. I'm so malas to contribute to the long queue in JPJ ok. Visit but I have to warn you it's really troublesome lah. It's still in its early stage, just only launched last April but damn the customer service was good. I renewed both my insurance and roadtax there. The first thing that went wrong was I wasn't redirected to the receipt page for the insurance so I didn't get my e-covernote (they say I might be facing networking problem - it was at 2am and JPJ server was asleep I guess). The second thing, when I finally got my e-covernote, the system say it didn't exist! Aiyo seriously la, really intimidating some system can be.

Luckily the myeg people was so helpful! The response to my enquiry was quick and they called me right away. So that's the good thing about it. As long as I get to have it delivered to my doorstep and I'm not overcharged, I'm all smiles baby.

Currently they only offer 2 insurance online - CIMB Aviva and Takaful Nasional (now Etiqa??). I went for Aviva, saje gatal. I know that TN offers 10% discount for government servants,  I was so tempted to take advantage of that even though I'm not one. Hey I maintained their online insurance system last time, I should get that discount right.

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