Monday, April 21, 2008

This is a personal blog

When it becomes very public like it is now I don't feel free to write anymore. So sad =(

Maybe I should just post pointless pics and brag. I guess the people who know me better through here, it's the end of it people. You may catch the glimpse in ever shady words I'm going to use from this point on but sorry, that's the best I can give right now.

The days where I speak up without borders and beyond reason is ending. You people should know by now that I can easily get misunderstood. Take a look at my face for an example. My default face looks like I'm having the most complex programming problems in the world but what is going on in my head and what is reflected on my face may not the same thing. I may be trying to get some cover from the sun and some would think I just had a heart attack. Another example is my tone of voice - I can be easily taken as being mad. So my writing here can cause so much more damage than I ever intend it to be. Maybe I'm not good with arranging words, maybe I'm just plain direct in writing. Maybe I'm just problematic in getting my message across.

But, who the hell cares.

So I take my words back and let's party on. *lap dance*

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