Monday, April 28, 2008

Bad monday

I was thinking to write about the parking ticket I got but let's not drag everybody's emotion (read MY EMOTION) down shall we? But let's just start with 'I don't like police' and believe me I have damn good reasons for that so excuse me if you got problems with that. By the way, my car was said to be obstructing the road when I have no idea how it was. The car was parked like any other cars along the road but who am I to question the law right.

Anyway, my head hurts like hell today. Was considering taking the day off but decided against it. I don't really like taking MC actually. The hassle of going to the clinic and all. Why can't I just get online and order my prescription? Maybe some AI can check my eyes if I'm really sick or just trying to get off work. Somebody should invent that. Sick people should stay where they belong to be: bed at home or comfortable couch snuggling, watching favorite tv shows.

I'm just babbling here. Maybe today I can get off work on time and go to bed early tonight.

It's raining and I have a feeling my head will get worse.

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