Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I should put a disclaimer somewhere. Dangerous la plak when current collegues know about its existence....hohoho..... Actually it's not my way to 'announce' my blog to just anyone. But when people ask 'Do you have a blog?', I'd answer 'Yes'. But I won't say anything more about it unless they ask. When you put it on the web, you know eventually people will know about it, especially if you put a link to a good organisation like OSCC --- hehehehe... (promote promote)... and very efficient people working there can trace you back seperti dihujung jari sahaja. But really I don't mind, just that you're taking a risk when you come here since I tend to get very direct in whatever I say in here. It is so unlike me in real life lah where I am very quiet and shy and bersopan santun and the like (kira budak baik la ni....lalala)...

Anyway, yeah, most of my good friends know what I'm talking about in each post, or at least they know how I see it when I write about it. Others may get totally different ideas. So conclusionnye ialah: letak disclaimer somewhere before I get into trouble.

Eh my body is aching all over. Tak cukup tido nih. *yawn yawn yawn*

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