Sunday, February 24, 2008

Why I never blog about my job? I mean putting up codes and stuff....

Fuh it's been a while. Much has going on but have no time to spill. So I'm just going to post some pointless pictures....

Oh yes, I'll mention one news though: the house I'm staying, it has no phone cable. Isn't that funny. When you take out that white cover thing and you'll discover a blank hole there, nothing of communication value available there. Isk! Penat aku register line tepon. Ni nak kena tarik wiring lain and it'll cost me a good RM150! Giler ape. Hmmpphh!!! Tak tau ape nak buat. In the mean time, I'm so restless having nothing to do at night.


Those of you who have never seen a batu giling before - I recommend you to get out more. And those leaves are henna. I don't get people putting in nasi la, serbuk cili la, serbuk kari la, serba serbi nak masuk to get it red. Just use the leaves la it will do all the work for you - but have to make sure you get them from the right kind of pokok. Only pokok yang bunganya putih are going to look good on your fingers - trust me.


Cheese biscuits are never my thing - yak! Berminyak and masin. I don't mean I don't eat anything with minyak in it, I just don't like the oily feeling on my fingers afterwards. The hassle of wiping it off everytime. Letih lah (I'm such a drama kan? hahahahah!). Peanut butter pun, I'm not crazy about it. One spread on a slice boleh la, itu pun a thin spread. But anyway, when you combine these 2 together - giler sedap ok!


This is a very magical beras to me. From experience, if you leave the cooked rice overnight and forget about it till noon the next day, a good chance that nasi is basi already. But not when it's Beras Faiza Emas! - free advertisement sini aaaa... but really, this beras giler bagus. Last night's nasi still good the next night - I'm telling you it's impossible but I saw it happened. And I don't mean put it in a container and shove it in the fridge. Leave it there out in the open, not even in an air tight container, I'm impressed. Bagus aaa brand Faiza ni.

One more thing. Beras Ponni Faiza is the greatest beras ever. Mahal skit la tapi sedap.

Back to the title of this post. Dah ending baru nak kupas topic. But anyway, you know I'm just wondering. I'm a developer but unlike so many others I'm helpless at blogging about the techie stuff. Maybe Adda has the answer.

Oooh I just got my business/call cards, whatever you want to call it. And it's ugly (lalalalalala) - tu la I don't know why they don't want to hire a designer.

On another note -
Happy Birthday mak!!

We got her a food processor. Ye lah sounds like 'we' but yang swipe is yours truly. Takpela mak punya pasal. She's been talking about it months already - pengaruh Martha Stewart.

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