Monday, February 11, 2008

Of housemates

Now that I'm living with 2 other people I hardly know, I'm quite greteful that they're cool people. Not that hard to get along with, but there's still that attitude among 3 of us 'kau dengan hal kau, aku dengan hal aku'. Now they are not as harsh as it sounds but you know, it's like being polite all the time. That kind of environment don't really bring out the best in me.

I like it better when I was living with Adda and Siti. Among our conversations:

- "Weh alang-alang ko dah masak, masak banyak2 sket"
- "Alamak sos tiram dah abes, ko tolong beli"
- "Tolong tapau nasi katok satu aaa, aku malas kuar"
- "Aku amek sket paper ko"

We were free to say anything at each other. While not being rude, it felt better when I had the freedom to express myself to them. The good thing was that we understand one another, maybe not too well but well enough to know when to say things and how to say it, when to take advantage and when not to (lalalalala), so on and so forth. It's great to live with people who like we say 'tak berkira'. These kind of people usually kind hearted and generous and considerate and it's unfortunate if they ever fall under manipulative jerks (I pray for you guys not to). Siti and Adda are examples of people who do give and take well. I am proud to call them my friends.

Now back to current events, my housemates, I believe they have some sort of shield or something. Maybe because we hardly know each other so they build their guards up so high. I find myself have to think the words I should say to them before even saying it. 1) I'm afraid of what they may think of me since I got misunderstood all the time, 2) I'm not sure even if they want me to say something. Ugh I'm so bad at socialising.

That aside, we get along ok. Smiles and soft tone of voice all the time. Aiya letih!

When it comes to kitchen, it's like we have 3 sets of eveything - garam, gula, minyak etc etc. Bila pikir balik, kelakar la pulak idup camni. I mean, obviously barang tu dah ada, takyah le beli lain. Dah abis kang baru la beli ye tak. Mungkin diorang tak sure lagi kot masing2 macam mana pasal barang dapur ni but obviously you can always ask lah - "Saya tengok garam dah ada, awak punya ke? Kalau nak guna untuk masak boleh? Dah abis karang saya beli lain la". See how we still on saya-awak term, so very the schema still hehehehehe.

Dapur tu kecik je tapi barang banyak. Adeiiii penin. Funny what life throws at you sometimes. Well at least diorang ok so I think I'll be ok.

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