Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Surat layang

Dear reader,

So happy today. Why you ask? Just found out that isolated place of mine here actually has internet connection available. Hard to believe but yes I'm ecstatic! All those boring nights.... watching endless tv... astro ria and kirana and prima and the like. I enjoy those channels la but not when it come to every night, every hour of my sad internet-deprived life. Change of channels would do me good. Eh tengokla discovery ke, national geographic ke, belajar french ke, tengok katun ke sekali sekala. Ni asik tengok aznil ngan tom tom bak nyer. First few times ok la but when every night boring la.

Sila abaikan komplen saya di atas. Saje nak menulis sebab terlalu ecstatic ok. Watch me spending (aka wasting) money on tmnet soon.

***me being silly*****

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