Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'm so mad

*mode tarik tarik rambut*

Stupid sismi. Lalalalala. My car is officially dirty for 3 weeks now. What a sense of accomplishment I'm telling you. I think I'll wash it tomorrow but only god knows when sismi is going to ever end. One damned project I tell you. The big heads don't know how to manage, now we're on the other end receiving all the blame. Well excuse me if I'm all hatred-y, get a mirror, and see what's been sticking in and out your ass.


I don't see myself being up from this chair tonight all the way till morning. I've been here since last night. And at 8am I have to be online to do some testing on TN server relocation. Aiyoh. Sudahlah satu assistant ditarik semula ke Mofaz, I have to do everything on my own now. The deadline is actually today but who cares anymore. With the stupid line being so unbelievablye freakin slow. Slower than anything that has ever existed on this planet. I could take a nap inbetween page load. Stupid website making my hair all oily. This is all so stupid. Terasa seperti berada di zaman purba where people still use kapur to write on cave walls ok. Or I could have finished it all by now and help Adda out dammit.

On a bright note, I think my kidney is ok. It has been really good, showing no sign of stress at all even though I'm all under that pile of work.

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