Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Good days

I gotta say thanks to my colleagues for a very good surprise birthday cake yesterday. You know when you're planning a surprise for someone, you'll go a great length to not leak anything to the birthday boy/girl. You won't say anything remotely related to birthdays. You act like nothing happens. You're careful not to mention the slightest thing in fear of that boy/girl might pick something up. But when I'm that birthday girl, I couldn't see it coming eventhough Ajeed had talked so loud on the phone dropping out something that could've been a big hint. Anyway, yes it was a surprise to me. Thanks again.

I must say I'm sort of person who'll get embarrassed being put under the spotlight. I'm more behind the scene person, the one who puts all the little things together to get things right, who's mostly gone unnoticed. Not that I detest that, I actually enjoy watching my effort pays off.

Oh yea last night I met this group of the nicest people I know living on earth. They have some secret languange going on there and I didn't understand half of what they were talking about... haha.... not that I mind. I only see them like once a year so it was nice getting the updates firsthand on how they look these days etc. Funny to see how one of them being so serious and all manner-ly when talking to me when I know he's not like that at all with the rest of them... heheheheh... Well that's what you get when you see them only once a year. Spent like an hour or so watching these people behaving, then I sped off home for food. I didn't say much though. You put me in a group of people, I'll be really quiet. Put me in one on one then I'll talk.

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