Sunday, March 18, 2007


Went to IKEA today, got myself a new under bed storage. Was planning to some office work but there went my precious hours. I got deadline coming! Shit. Things at work is not helping either. I'm particularly grumpy about someone. I think I'm being taken advantage of coz I'm being too nice and helpful. Oh hell.

Anyways I spent so much time replying mails to my friends tonight. Heck I spent all night! I don't know when can I find the time to do it so I took a chance tonight. Some of the replying were already due and beyond any dueness. So, I don't know what to say anymore.

Oh yes I got a letter from Hussein's father. Just an introductory one but who cares. Hassan drew me a hand of his. Not really drew but traced the outline of his hand. So small. His father wrote in Arabic (with translation in English below). I can still read and understand it you know. 8 years of studying it, it doesn't go away easily does it. Just that he wrote it really fast and some of the gigi just hilang and replaced by lines instead. I used to write like that. Now my hand is all keras since no more practice.

French on the other hand, with only 2 semesters of it it's fading really fast. Help!

The other day I went for a pedicure with Adda. Oh my goodness did that feel so good I almost fell asleep. My feet now feels silky smooth with shiny and buffed nails.... hehehehehe...

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