Monday, March 12, 2007


Ammar is home again! He's time with PLKN is now over. Today is when the SPM results will come out.

This morning when we were having breakfast while watching tv, there were lots of messages wishing everybody else good luck. You know the messages they put in the scrolling bar down at the bottom. I didn't want to make any remarks at all in Ammar's presence although a while before that I did mention to mak, "Result ari ni kuar kan??".

I was having breakfast peacefully until abah broke out, reading out out the messages on the tv. He was actually trying to figure out the shothands people do these days - Wat ape tu hrp bjy dlm spm.... stuff like that. Ammar was ignoring all of it and suddenly he hissed, "Ni ape sume cakap pasal spm nih???", to which I answered, "Ala rilek laaa".

I remember my feelings when I was facing the same day years ago. I know how it feels especially when you have parents like we do.... hehehehe..... So, I was already late for work and I got up. I walked to my room to get my bag and laptop. Ammar was following me and and then he was standing at my door. He was just standing there and smiling. I know there's something on his mind right there but I couldn't figure out what. Did I promise him anything that I haven't done?? Was I suppose to do something? I was asking him what's going on repeatedly but he kept on just looking at me back. He was just standing there and making me nervous.

Not until I walked out the front door did he say "Aiiii tak wish ape2 keeeeerrr". He has this soft spoken voice that melts everyone's heart. Alahai Ammar... adikku yang sorang ni. Cairla hati kaklong. Bukannya takde niat nak wish, cuma taknak buat hati bertambah gundah gulana je. Lastly I gave him 2 pecks on each cheeks. Insyaallah kalau dah usaha dan tawakal, apa sahaja yang terjadi redha je la dengan rezeki. But you know what, I know it's going to be good. He's a smart young man and I'm not worried at all. For all I know, whatever happens he will stay brilliant in our hearts.

UPDATE: Now what did I tell you? 12A with 9A1. Looks like whatever books or how many he's gonna ask mak to buy, mak will do it without questions. I am overjoyed I can't tell you how much. Rasa cam nak joget pung ada....hahahaha

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