Thursday, March 1, 2007

Pink Walls

I now officially have a very pink room. I wanted red but they bought pink instead. Oh well. Fine. At least I had fun participating in painting the wall. And now my bed is single, queen no more. With the most comfortable mattress in the world. The first night I slept on it aka last 2 nights, I woke up really late. Didn't know what happen actually. My alarm didn't go off I think. And it's probably because since it's located at the other end of the house, any noise coming from anywhere within the house is like non-existent to me. So the clutter sound of my mom preparing breakfast while watching tv didn't make it through my door. It's really quiet once I'm in my room. Quite a plus really as I don't like noise. But too quiet can never be too good either.

Too lazy to take some pics. Maybe later.

IKEA is on sale this month! Been planning to stop by to get some stuff for my new room. I need some storage space for all my little knick knacks. And a bedside table or maybe I just take the round one we have somewhere around the house. Hmm....

Now where would I store all those books??? I need a rack for that.

On another note, Happy Birthday Mueh!!!!

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