Friday, February 2, 2007

And I'm back

Upon arriving home last night:

[1] The books I ordered have arrived!! Yay! And I got a free gift - this super cute key holders with tiny mini dress (exchangeable either black or pink) attached to it. It has a mini bag too. Perfect!

[2] Been spending my time watching DVD's - a whole bunch of them.

[3] Tried my hands at painting the house - the kitchen to be specific.

[4] My room is like a store room, choking and dusty. I make it a habit not to touch anything than my basket of clothes, my daily chemical wear and my bed. Everything else is ignored to let them do their best right now - collecting dust. Any cleaning work should commence after the renovation work is done.

[5] I did not have to wait for KFC coz abah and mak had bought it earlier before going to fetch me at the airport last night. That means alot.

[6] Need to settle some things while I have my days off (banks, post office, etc etc). Next weekend they're going to Penang. Not sure I can go. Isk.

Hmmm... that's it. Will go back to work next week. I wonder where my camera is...

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