Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Ahhhh c'est l'amour!

Was listening to Mix FM this morning (Ika, Serena C + Pietro) on the way to work. They were receiving a call from a sweet lady - Grace if I'm not mistaken. She's had her eyes on one of her colleague forever and she's been trying to connect with this guy coz she really likes him. But whenever she's trying to chat him up, this guy - David won't look at her in the face. His eyes will wonder somewhere else, to her torso for example but never her face. So Grace starts to think that maybe David is not so nice after all coz she's not someone who shows off. This really bothers her so she made the call to Mix for help.

So the people at Mix said they'll try to call David up and find what exactly his problem is. Once they got him, they confronted him. This guy David, said that she's the most georgous woman he has ever seen in his life. He didn't do it in purpose because if he looks up he'll see her eyes. And that he says will make his heart goes haywire. So he looks down.

Mix people asked him something - if Grace is standing right in front of him, what would he say to her. So he told them - 'Would you go out to dinner with me?'. He said he really like her but she's out of his league, she's georgous and he's just an average looking guy.

And suddenly Pietro said Grace was actually on the line and was listening to them. David paused, he seemed pretty shocked. Grace said yes to his question. He was speechless. Ika asked something about will there be a Valentine's date. Grace said yes again. By now I can only imagine how David's face looks like. I swear I could hear his heart beating fast. Before ending the call, Grace said she could see him talking from where she was sitting.

Stories like these make my day anytime. Can you imagine what must have been like after they both hang up the phones? Along the highway, I toyed with my imagination on what must have had happened this morning. Just for the record he used the word gorgeous like 4 times.

C'est tres l'amour. Forgot that it's February. No wonder the stations I listen to are playing love songs all night.

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