Sunday, October 8, 2006



ijaunyer.... bila nak tumbuh bunga ntah....

Help! I can't sleep. Couldn't sleep last night and had to concentrate on work the next day. Came back home feeling sleepy and was ready to hit the bed. Instead I switched on the tv and fell asleep on the couch for only like 3 hours!! What is wrong with me?

I couldn't last a day if I don't have enough sleep. Now it's like I could survive with 3 hour sleep. That's crazy.

Ok I will now force myself to sleep and have a happy dream.


p/s: just for the sake of letting it out, I HATE THAT PEMPUAN LOTION ITU OK (usage of terms is courtesy of toooooooot). Betapa aku benci dengan perangai talam dua mukanya itu. On why I hate her so much:

  • doesn't have the guts to take the responsibilities

  • is so quick on pointing fingers to others

  • is the most unprofessional human being you'll ever find in this damn whole world

  • fails to recognize the priorities of things

  • doesn't even have the decency to admit it when she's wrong

  • doesn't have respect for others, much worse if you're younger

  • is the person who truly cannot function in a team

  • even if she's in a team, she'll bring the team down - like what she does currently

  • doesn't listen

  • even if she does, she does best at neglecting her role as a pm to resolve problems diplomatically

  • this list could go on but I wouldn't want to waste any more space of my precious little piece of humble and brilliant blog on her


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